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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Always look on the bright side of life

I think we can all be a little hard on ourselves sometimes. I'm not only no exception to this, I am the queen of this but whilst today I may have had the reality of meeting my demons in the flesh, there's still a silver lining.

I'm going to start documenting the positives in my life instead of falling into the rut of dwelling on the past and the bad. 

             This week's positives

  1. I made more friends
  2. I went outside my comfort zone more times than I have in the last year
  3. I've socialised. As in I actually left the house on a Saturday night and I'm planning on doing it again this week. Crazy!
  4. I actually did some work. Not much but you can't jump in a pool for the first time and start swimming like Rebecca Adlington.
  5. I got answers/closure/acceptance
  6. I have a fricking job now!!!! (Not at all exciting when I'm actually doing it but ££££)
  7. I have made a copious number of plans for summer already and I feel like a human again 
So yeah, I'm proud of myself, something I never say and I think we all don't say enough but I genuinely am. I'm even proud that I'm acknowledging my positives because it's much more natural for me to just mope about and allow my mind to keep swilling the negative thoughts around, which surprisingly, doesn't make me feel too good.