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Saturday, 12 July 2014

'Hard Out Here' for Lily Allen

She's got it: The singer showed off her tanned and toned legs in the mini dressDespite Lily Allen's comeback single being released some months ago on November 17th I have only just got round to writing a post on the song. I instantly enjoyed the witty and typical tongue 'n cheek lyrics from Lily but yet somehow, even now, every time I listen to the song it grows on me more and I find it increasingly accurate with every play. Nonetheless there still seems to be some controversy surrounding the song. Surprisingly not surrounding the lyrics as such, as there seems to be a level of agreement concerning the message but none the less Allen is consistently scrutinised for her song and additionally her whole album.

Many have criticised Lily for being hypocritical due to her weight loss since the singles' debut after she discussed the pressures on women to remain slim throughout the song. However I don't believe that by losing weight she's been hypocritical. Just because she has criticised the obsession with body image in mainstream media and the pressures that typically women face regarding weight it doesn't mean that she is then obliged to refrain from slimming down.

If anything, the fact that she has gone on to lose weight after identifying the problem further emphasises the point she made. It somewhat suggests that although she recognises that the media's infatuation with the female figure is unhealthy, their power is overwhelming and even someone who can confidently speak out against their constant harmful message still feels to some extent pressured to conform.

However I'm not trying to suggest the only reason she slimmed down was due to public opinion, I don't personally know her so there is no way I could comment on that. Yet I constantly feel the media's pressures regarding size, even though I'm in a position where I'm not constantly scrutinised by the public and journalists like Lily, so I'd be surprised if the demand to be thin didn't get to her to some extent. After all she's only human and it's hard out here for a bitch.