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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Is it really equality?

This week well known British diver Tom Daley made a video addressing his sexuality. Although he got a lot of positive feedback and support for this I still feel as a society we have a long way to come.

In an ideal world there should be no 'coming out.' There should be no obligation to express your sexual preference or to feel as if you are lying if you don't point blank state your sexual orientation. If you compare the circumstances homosexual people face and put a straight person in those circumstances you would think of it as ridiculous. If a straight person sat down and made a video 'coming out' that they were straight you would probably think 'what's your point?' so why is it so different for gay people? How can we say as a society gay people deserve equality and then not give them it? It is absurd that this has made front page news because if you saw the same article but with the word straight you would think that it's ridiculous and irrelevant, which it is in both cases.

Some may argue that this is the case because being gay is not 'the norm' but how can you define normal? It may not fit into how the reproductive systems operate but it does not mean that it should be inferior. ''Homosexuality is found in hundreds of species, homophobia is only found in one, what's more unnatural?'' 

Many people believe that by accepting someone's sexuality we are showing equality but I believe it's more than that. When a gay couple can walk down the street hand in hand and others can walk by without batting an eyelid then we'll have equality. When a person doesn't have to 'come out the closet' or 'admit' their sexuality like it is something abnormal then we'll have equality. When we can open a newspaper or talk about a person without referring to them as 'the gay one' then we'll have equality.

disclaimer - this is just my opinion and I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion.