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Friday, 7 November 2014

I will go down with this ship

Since becoming more 'internet' I've acquired somewhat of a new vocabulary. One of those words being 'ship' or 'shipping.'

This is a vague definition of the term as I believe it can be used to endorse friendships/bromances as well but nevertheless you get the general idea.

I will admit that since finding out the term I'm no stranger to shipping couples. A few of my own favourites include:

  • Tyshley - Tyler Blackburn and Ashley Benson
  • Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie (they have somehow escaped the shipping name ritual)
  • and of course, everyone's favourite... Zalfie - Zoe Sugg and Alfie Deyes

I've found myself now trying to look back to when I was growing up and wondering if I ever subconsciously shipped anyone I knew in real life. I think realistically I did, it seems to be part of human nature.

I saw a post on Tumblr the other day and it seems to reinforce my theory that we have a natural urge to ship.
It's really interesting to me that the teachers at this person's school actually discussed it amongst themselves in the staff room and not only that but it was one of the most popular topics.

So why do we get to so heavily invested in other peoples lives and relationships?

Why do we feel an emotional bond to two people's affection towards each other, sometimes people we don't even know?

Is it something abnormal?

When I try and really think about why I get a light butterfly sensation in my stomach when I see two people who are either so clearly in love or so obviously meant to be together I think it's excitement. It's excitement for when I get to that point in my life, it's excitement for those people that already have. I adore seeing their cute 'fights' or affectionate gazes and gestures. I melt when I see their subconscious expressions of affection and I appreciate them and I don't want their happiness to end.

I think the reason we 'ship' people is the same reason we cry when we see a sad film or cringe when someone tells an embarrassing story. It's a natural human instinct to feel empathy towards another human or living beings emotions. Laughing is contagious, we can feel others sadness as our own pain and when we see two people that have an undeniable genuine connection, we naturally support it and want them to experience the happiness and love they have forever.