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Sunday, 9 November 2014

My sexuality

For some time now I've been scared to identify with any sexuality. Not for the expected reason, I'm very comfortable with the fact that I'm attracted to both sexes but at the same time it's something I suppose I do shy away from speaking about. That's because I am attracted to both sexes. It's almost somehow easier to be completely gay or straight because there's a sense of definiteness and assurance whereas bisexuality is seen as more erratic and well, fake.

I've explored this attitude towards bisexuality in a previous blogpost and it is an attitude that I think is very prominent in society and amongst all generations. Many see it as a cover up, a way to half come out but not commit to the full sexuality, a way to scarper from too much judgement. Some see it as a fashion statement (urgh) and others see it as a fairytale, a cover up for promiscuity and curiousness.

I'm additionally afraid to identify with this label as I'm not just 50/50 straight and gay. Again, sexuality is not that black and white so I struggle to explain to people that I'm more emotionally attracted to one gender and more sexually attracted to the other. A lot of people don't class that as bisexual and then I'm left in another middle ground, unable to identify with anything.

Is that so wrong though? Why should I be pressured to have a label? Being label-less doesn't change who I'm attracted to. I don't have to try and justify my sexuality. I'm confident within my feelings towards both men and women.

The issue I feel I face is how do I go about finding a girl who is only looking for a sexual relationship. It seems common to be accused of using people when you are bisexual and I feel a much stronger sexual attraction to women than I do romantic (although of late I've been starting to question that.) I would never purposely get involved with someone to use them or string them along, having no strings attached sex doesn't make me immoral.

However it is difficult not to get wrapped up in the stereotypes and the stigma. I catch myself worrying sometimes that maybe I am an attention seeker looking to exploit the sexualisation of girl on girl action (despite my over active mind, I'm definitely not.) Sometimes I wonder whether I can be a 'real' bisexual if I don't have an equal attraction to the sexes but as I've said before, I truly believe that sexuality is a spectrum and so it's perfectly normal to be somewhere near the middle without a perfect balance of allure to both men and women.