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Friday, 7 November 2014

Kaya Scodelario

My long term affection for this young woman began in early 2010. I was 13 and for the first time I was checking out the series 'Skins'. I began watching from series 4 and initially I was a bit indifferent about her character Effy but as the episodes continued my infatuation with this character escalated.

There was a part of me that admired her, envied her and related to her. The emotional complexity of her character in series 4 outshone any of her prior performances (and I know this as I went on to watch every other series.) The effect that Effy has had on me even to this day out shadows any other experience I've had with any other role portrayed in TV or film.

Her character taught me that my vulnerability wasn't necessarily a weakness and that having to depend on someone sometimes doesn't mean that I'm not strong. Even throughout her emotional breakdown I still admired her, I still in some ways envied her and I still related to her.

Kaya is a stunning girl but she doesn't allow her looks to determine her roles. Yes, Effy was the it girl in many ways. Girls wanted to be her and boys wanted to be with her, but that wasn't all she had to offer. She was a very unique character which is what I think attracted so many people, not just her physical appearance.

Since taking such a shining to the role she played for so many years I developed quite the bond with this actress. She's the type of person I just want to see more of, constantly. I want to see all her performances, all her new personas. I want to note their similarities and differences between the character I have idolised for so long.

I love Kaya as an individual as well. I love watching her interviews and I follow both her Instagram and Twitter. The way she is outside of work has not let me down one bit, she's exactly as I expected. Laid back, cool, down to earth, funny. She doesn't seem to censor herself or manipulate the way she is perceived like I feel some other celebrities do and that's a pleasure to see.

I've managed to watch every maze runner interview before I've finished reading the book or seen the film but from what I can tell, I don't think I will be even close to disappointed by her performance. The character seems like she was made for Kaya to play her and that is always exciting. In one of her interviews at NerdHQ 2014, Kaya replied to a fans question with something that really struck a cord with me, ''I like playing intense women, because as women we are not simple. As much as the world wants us to be, we're aren't. There's nothing wrong with that, we shouldn't be ashamed of being emotional or messing up sometimes.. that's all part of what makes us human so I could never just be the girl next door, I need more than that as a person.''

So thank you Kaya, for being such a wonderful actress, woman and person. You are a constant inspiration to me and I appreciate everything you do.