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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Is misogyny still alive and kicking?

Dapper Laughs has made news again this week after one of his shows was cancelled at the University of Cardiff due to a petition signed by 700 students against his performance.
According to the metro 'A petition entitled ‘Ban Dapper Laughs’ Show,’ was started by student Vicky Chandler, who called for his appearance to be pulled, branding it ‘a soap box for his misogyny inside the walls of an academic establishment that claims to protect the rights of its students.’' 

I couldn't agree more with Chandler and the rest of this egotistical man's (if you can call him that) critics. He's a danger to the rising rape culture we face today as he regularly glamorizes the idea that men are entitled to females' bodies and that the only thing we as women have to offer men is our appearance and vaginas.  

The ever growing 'lad' subculture are the target audience for his un-funny 'comedy' videos. He's played a huge role in influencing puberty ridden boys up to young men that the way to get a girl is to make some grotesque comment about how you can make them 'proper moist' or to use the (not at all derogatory) cat call.

What's possibly even more damaging than his videos is the tirade of support he has received for them. As expected the majority of fans are young and male. However an even more worrying public display of support came from Liam Payne of One Direction who is renowned for his young and impressionable female fan base. It's not an overstatement to say that a lot of his fans would change their behaviour for the love and attention of their idol so this tweet has the ability to be detrimental to the attitudes of some pubescent girls desperate for the approval of their hero.

The fact that there's a section of the entertainment industry that is accommodating and reinforcing every day sexism by giving air time to men like Dapper Laughs is beyond me.
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The bitter truth that a man is able to make his living off of subduing women to the ideal that they exist purely for man's pleasure is truly staggering. What's worse is we as a society are subconsciously promoting his career method by either doing nothing about it or worse yet actually supporting him and the producers of his show.